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Carry The Light

"Carry The Light" From the upcoming EP "She Changes Face" (out friday!) is now available to listen to and download.

Heres some nice things said about the song already:

"Carry The Light" illustrates that slowing the pace doesn't slow your enjoyment down at all. If a song can do such a thing, it makes a man feel really quite sentimental."-Bluesbunny UK

"The listener can hear the vocals of Matt Kollar and Elizabeth Messick dance around each other. The two voices remind me of a couple of my favorite artists, one of which being Jenny Lewis from Rilo Kiley and Tom Waits…pre swallowing hot coals and drinking broken glass."-OC Arts and Culture





05 Carry The Light by mattkollaratam

OC Arts and Culture Early Review of

OC Arts and Culture have written an early review of the new MKATAM EP "She Changes Face". Check it out!

Write Up In OC Weekly

Check out the OC Weekly article on MKATAM.

Matt Kollar and Elizabeth Messick talk about the new album "She Changes Face" as well as how strange they are.

OC Weekly Article.

The Many Faces of She Changes Face

Over the next couple weeks before She Changes Face is realased on March 5th,2010 we will be putting out different cover versions of the first single "She Changes Face" each one in a unique style by an artist we like.

Take a listen!


The She-Monks acapella version of 'She Changes Face"

"Who are the She-Monks?"
This is the sound of a question you may be asking in your head, at this very moment.
The real answer is quite a long, sick, complicated story of deceit, betrayal, drugs and money laundering.
The simple answer is, The She-Monks were an acapella group who rose to fame and success in the 1960s until tensions and jealousy broke them up.
Fortunately, Matt Kollar and the Angry Mob, being music aficionados and saintly people, searched out the She Monks and offered them a chance to record once again. This time to do a cover of the bands first new single from the album She Changes Face, "She Changes Face". So listen dear,sweet listeners to the bittersweet acapella melodies of The She-Monks.



The first is by our friend Carlen Luke Walth.

It is a very pretty acoustic version with a roads piano and a harmonica solo in place of the trombone.

She Changes Face Music Video!

The She Changes Face music video out now!

Has anyone seen Elizabeth?

Elziabeth Messick, singer for Matt Kollar and the Angry Mob has recently gone missing,she was last seen walking home from band practice on the night of the full moon.


Please stay up to date on all the videos coming out this week and next on her whereabouts.






Listen to and download the first single She Changes Face!

The first single from Matt Kollar and the Angry Mobs new EP "She Changes Face" is available now on the website myspace and the bands facebook page to listen to and download.  Also check out the cover art and tracklisting created by artist Alison Reimold.



She Changes Face by mattkollaratam





 She Changes Face, the follow-up EP to Matt Kollar and the Angry Mob’s debut 2008 album, “Farewell Adventure!,” is an experiment in the different styles that the band has to offer to the world. Track one, “She Changes Face,” is a Ben Folds inspired piano-rock song with an accordion, a piano, and a trombone dueling off in the solo section. “To The Night” takes you on a bright walk through the local park with only a Paris café style accordion as your companion. “A Driftin’ Blues,” on the other hand, has a rougher sound with distorted megaphone vocals over unruly trombone parts. “Carry The Light,” track 5, strips the instruments down to simply an acoustic guitar, glockenspiel, and Matt Kollar and Elizabeth Messick’s vocals before throwing all the instruments together in an experimental symphony of noise and opera on the closing track “Gotta Get Blue.” She Changes Face is a stepping-stone for all the crazy sounds the band is cooking up next.

She Changes Face

Matt Kollar and the Angry Mobs new six song EP She Changes Face will be coming out 3/5/2010.

More info and details very soon, for now check out a trailer for the new album!



Show in Long Beach on Wed

Matt Kollar and the Angry Mob will be performing at Que Sera in Long Beach this wednesday with good friend/band mate TImmy Red and Ghost Town Jenny. Were basically taking over the place so do come out to see it it will be alot of fun.


Theres also a whole bunch of pictures from the OC Music Awards to check out Here.

Christmas Special/OC Music Awards in Jan

Greetings and happy holidays from Matt Kollar and the Angry Mob!

Were busy working on a lot of new things right now, but for now we have created our 2009 christmas special entitled "A Very Messick Christmas"  Featuring our very own Elizabeth Messick, Timmy Red, Ali Gibbons and Rebeca Levy. Plus a suprise cameo by Matt somewere. Enjoy!


Next month on January 12th Matt Kollar and the Angry Mob will be performing for the Orange County Music awards at the distirct in Tustin at 8pm.  it's basically like a battle of the bands, if we win this preliminary round we go on to another show. so your support is most welcomed! Plus it's a free show. ocmusicawards

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