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Unleash The Vault!

No, this is not the name of the new Angry Mob metal record.

Well folks, the vault is open, because we here at MKATAM care, and we know you just can't wait for more material dear viewer, so here is a year old video of a song that's going to be on our new record, "My Streets of Bliss". Gasp! Marvel! As the distorted sounds ring out through the noisy club, and the anxious camera man shuffles about!



Old Recording of song that will be on the next Angry Mob record.

"Stardust and Bones" a song that will be on the new MKATAM record has been around for awhile . Check out this old rehearsal of the tune. Where it lacks in timing, it makes up for with noise! Check it our HERE.

Slain At Lover's Lane!

Matt Kollar is directing his first long format horor-film "Slain At Lover's Lane!"! .

Here's a bit about the movie:

Alice is a homicidal bride who wants to retire from the grotesque field of murder and find her true love.
We cordially invite you to the most disgusting blood-soaked bridal shower you have ever seen, complete with a chase sequence involving an axe and a kitchen cart, an unexpected rotting guest, dancing cannibalistic corpse-creatures and a man-eating alarm clock. Then, to end the night someone will be… Slain At Lover's Lane!
Slain at Lover's Lane is a 40-45min character driven story about the ties of family, the price of revenge and escapable fate and destiny. It will be a film with elements of fun, horror-fantasy and exorbitant amounts of gore, inspired by movies like "Dead Alive" and "Evil Dead 2."

Check out the main theme composed by Kollar HERE.


Santa Claus PI

Matt Kollar and the Angry Mob have done the entire soundtrack for the new audioplay,"Santa Clause PI:Red Dreams" produced by Space Barbarians Productions and written by Matt Kollar and Alie Gibbons. Check it out!  Heres a blurb on it from Matt.

You are about to embark on the darkest and most violent adventure Santa Clause has ever been on. Imagine what Christopher Nolan did to "Batman" being done to Santa Claus and you will have something along the lines of "Santa Clause PI". In his famous TV interview with Bill Moyers "The Power of Myth" famous myth man Joseph Campbell talked about the need for new myths and the idea that myths evolve. You can see the results of this in recent cinema with things such as "Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter" and "Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters". However, I think that Mr. Campbell meant that we need new myths that don't totally suck... Enter "Santa Claus PI"! Yes, I know, it sounds just as stupid as all those other ideas that are taking mythical or historical figures and making them "X-Treme" for our new generation. But that's not what it is, not exactly at least. If you make you're way through this episode you will notice that although it is compeltly ridiculous and should be totally stupid, there are in fact some genuinly compelling parts and aspects to "Red's" personality. Instead of trying to make heightened entertainment for the sake of heightened entertainment I see Santa Claus PI as more like a "magical realism" epic. Santa Claus PI isin't just about taking a beloved figure like old saint nick and turning him into a super hero, I mean lets face it he already basically is a super hero, he has spooky powers, he can basically fly, he sees you when you're sleeping for christ sakes. No, Santa Claus PI is about one mans quest to stay relevant in our modern world, a world that he sees getting more and more greedy and corrupt, and a world that uses his likeness to sell carbonated beverages. Red is a mixture of a lot of my favorite super heroes. He has the inner monologue of Bruce Wayne, the edge and violent streek of The Shadow and the tenderness of a man that use spend his life helping others by giving gifts, but is now helping those same people by bringing justice and balance to a corrupt world. Enter the world of Santa Claus PI, I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it, and I really do hope that we hear more from Red in the future.

Tell your friends!

New Film with Film Score coming soon.

Greetings and hello! Matt recently scored the new short by talented film-maker and animator, Charles Pieper. Check out the trailer!

New Album, New Composer Website, The Dark Tower!

Greetings world wide web! Lots of things, so little time to tell you. First of all MKATAM is in the process of making a new album "The Golden Towers", it's being done in kind of a strange way, every few weeks a new song is going up on the bandcamp page at a "Pay What You Want" price system. Check it out HERE. So far their are three songs up on the album, the lush landscapes of, "The Golden Towers",  the sun-baked deserts of "My Second Wind"  and the nightmare,opient visions of "The River". In other exciting news Matt Kollar now has his film composing site up and ready to go! Check it out at mattkollarcomposer.com. Lastly one of the pieces on Matt Kollar's composer reel is inspired by Stephen Kings "The Dark Tower", here's a blurb on it from soundcloud: "I made this music piece for my composer audio reel with "The Dark Tower" in mind. The Dark Tower is my favorite book series of all time and i've always had the idea that because Roland is a mixture of a knight errant and a western gunslinger, and the books are The Lord of the Rings and Spaghetti Western's combined into one brilliant piece of art, that the music should be a meshing of spaghetti westerns and court music. So this is my crack at that. The first half is supposed to conjure images of Gilead and Roland as a younger man, and then the second part, which is a more traditional Ennio Morricone sounding bit, is supposed to bring up the fight in Tull and the trek across the desert. Thanks for taking a listen." You can listen to it on Soundcloud, and there's even a dorky fan-boy video made for it with all Dark Tower art, check that out on our Youtube.

 Any how, lots of fun things coming in the future, stay tuned!

Update:God Bless America,New Music,Dancing Skeletons!

Hello and greetings weary internet wanderers. Lots of exciting things going on that are explained in the video below.

The quick breakdown though is thus!

A couple new songs are available right now on bandcamp, "My Second Wind" and "The Golden Towers". They are a pay what you want price, so you can download for free if you'd so like, but of course even the smallest of donations are greaty appreciated. Lots of more songs coming soon!

Also,  A demo from the play,"The Dead Dance in the Gloaming".

I've been working on this project for quite a long time, and I expect it will still be quite awhile before it is ever produced. Theres now a demo of a song from the end of Act 2, with my good friend Alie Gibbons singing the part of Sally, and myself singing as Jacob the leader of the carnival, and Cecille his lover. Yes i'm singing as a lady, and nowhere near as convincing as Alie. You can check it out on our soundcloud page.

Love, betrayal,decapitation, ghosts, Circus freaks and skeleton creatures, The Dead Dance in the Gloaming will have it all, some day...

Anyhow, lots of cool things coming soon. Stay tuned


New Video/Discography Available on Bancamp

Leonard Cohen's first record,"Songs of Leonard Cohen" is absolutly brillaint. It's one of my favorite records ever and probably second favorite Cohen record (I think that Songs of Love and Hate is absolutly untouchable). I did a cover of the closing track, "One of us Cannot Be Wrong" that you can check out here.

Also the entire Angry Mob discograpy is available now on our bandcamp page. It definitly has the cheapest prices of all the records available anywhere. It's still in the process of being built and theres gonna be lots of fun goodies and other tracks that go up on it in the next few months. Including a lot of songs that were written during the "Farewell Adventure!" and "She Changes Face" period that just never saw the light of day. They will show up on the digital version of those records as "hidden tracks".

Anyhow, have a great Octobor internet. Lots of fun things on the horizon.

Cordially yours,


New Single- The Golden Towers/GBA Score

Greetings friends and happy autumn!

Matt Kollar and the Angry Mob has released a new single, "The Golden Towers". Listen to it and download it here at the groups bandcamp. There's  lots of other things available for download at a pay what you want basis.

You can also check out the score Matt did for Bobcat Goldthwaits dark satire,"God Bless America".

New Music up on Composer Reel

Listen to a couple of tracks from "God Bless America" up on Matt Kollar's Film-Composing reel, as well as other new tracks from up-coming projects up now on soundcloud.

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